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About Us

Night Moda was established in 2012 and we have an eye on expanding rapidly in the regional market. We specialize in selling loungewear and sleepwear (pajamas) for women, kids and babies. We sell only the finest quality products and customer satisfaction is always our priority. 

Night Moda opened its first branch in Lulu Hidd Mall in 2012 and its second branch, which opened in 2014 at Seef Mall – Seef District.

Night Moda’s products are comfortable, elegant, stylish and colorful and come in a large selection of colors and styles. They are made from quality combed Turkish cotton, so that they are soft and comfortable for even a newborn baby’s sensitive skin.  All kids and babies’ items are tested for allergies and are suitable for kids and baby’s sensitive skin. 

At Night Moda we believe in making women feel elegant & comfortable with their loved ones.

Night Moda - Seef Mall (Manama) Branch

Night Moda Seef Mall Manama     Night Moda Seef Mall Manama     Night Moda Seef Mall Manama

Night Moda Seef Mall Muharraq     Night Moda Seef Mall Muharraq     Night Moda Seef Mall Muharraq